New Chitose Airport 2 !

by Kazu

New Chitose Airport has got the new draw "Steiff Nature World" beside the promenade from the domestic terminal to the international.
On top of the basic pretty stuffed animals, so real huge stuffed animals are in the museum.
This stuffed mountain gorilla seems to be worn out in front of the entrance of the museum.
This stuffed bear looks so real, compared to so-called " Teddy" type bear.
The kids of globe toddlers can spend hours playing with these stuffed animals. All the stuffed animals seems to have spent a long time with kids and been worn down.  
 This is not a stuffed animal but one of the main characters in the comic and animation "Doraemon". This character loves to sing so much that he arranges his recital very frequently but as he is not a good performer and just shouts, his audience urged to get together to listen to him singing albeit his concert annoys his friends and class mates.
The stuffed reindeer bison are near the entrance of the museum. The bison looks like a colt.
Would you visit New Chitose Airport even if you have no plan to board the aircraft ?
The stuffed