What is Phiten IP Salon ?

by Kazu

The most experienced and skilled chiropractor on this globe restart to give his superb treatment in Phiten IP Salon inf Sapporo City. Phiten is manufacturing the merchandise such as necklace that make our body more comfortable, better and competitive. Actually many professional baseball players including the members of Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters wear such items.    

The name of the chiropractor is Mr. Chihiro Kashiwaba whose treatment and massage had given his clients the second wings and the power to fight the uphill battle. Would you like to know the result of his treatment ? In case of me, I continued to win the battles, I can say.
It may be difficult to find the building named "Sun Polymer Building" that contains the salon on its fifth floor but it is near the fourth exit of Nishi 18 chome station of Sapporo Subway east-west line.
The address is
15-2, Nishi 17 chome, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
in English and
札幌市中央区大通西17丁目2-15 サンポリマービル
in Japanese.
This is the entrance of the salon on the fifth floor.
They are the staff of this salon and the gentleman with white attire is Mr. Kashiwaba with "the God hand".  His treatment including massage costs five thousand Japanese yen for sixty minutes but  if you have the leaflet above and tell my name Kazuaki Ikeda as the person who introduced, the price for sixty-minute massage will be the half, 2,500 Japanese yen. If you need the leaflet, please shoot me an email !
The Phiten group has only three salon in Japan and the one in Sapporo City is the third next to the ones in Tokyo and Kyoto.
Mr. Kashiwaba may be so busy that it is required to make a reservation for his heavenly treatment.    
 It is recommended to do some stretch and adjustment making use of the blue pole at the corner of this exercise room with the female staff because that makes the treatment and massage given by Mr. Kashiwaba most effective and comfortable. The female instructors kindly give you the tips for striking the physical balance of your body.  
These balancing ball can be used for adjusting the imbalances of your body but I have never used them so far.

 What do you think this is ?
This capsule is for "Aqua Titan Bathing" that makes our bodies so keen and fit and makes us relaxed and feel better.  
This is an Oxygen Capsule to lie in. The cells of our brain show the best performance after breathing and staying in the capsule.
 While it is in use, it swells like a balloon as shown on the right.
This is the aesthetic gadget to lift up your cheeks and skin on your face. It is for females mainly.
 The female instructors kindly teach us how to stretch and use the blue pole. It is called slow training that can be carried out with casual wear.
This is the bed for treatment by Mr. Kashiwaba. I tend to sleep while he is giving me the supreme treatment. Yes, this is the place of the paradise !

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  1. Hi Kazu san, may I know how can I get the leaflet from you for the discount for the 1st visit? My email is tristonyeo@gmail.com. Thank you