After the arrival on Taipei !

by Kazu

The delegation heads are on the right of the front row. Mr. Tajima, the president of Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Group beside Mr. Yamane, the Director-General for Sorachi Subprefectural Area of Hokkaido.
I have to apologize my low degrees of skill to take photos. Please contemplate on the hard work to prepare for this friendship visit on top of my hectic amount of workload and the fact that I had to prepare for my move to Sapporo City after this business jaunt.
After checking-in, the members were led to the bar hopping area of Taipei.  

Mr. Kitazawa, the secretary general of the friendship group kindly arranged the feast in the very nice Chinese restaurant where he used to make the most of to entertain the guest of him or the company he belonged to.
We've already finished our dinner in the air craft but everybody was so looking for the real Taiwanese cuisine that can't have in Japan that we headed to the land of supremacy.
Various kinds of sea food could be selected for our supper.
 This small aquarium for selecting the materials was on the second floor of the restaurant.
We were given a lecture on the materials of the cuisine.

This fish looked so sleepy.
 This is what I had wanted to try, Ruro Rice, the minced and sauteed mixed meat was on the steamed rice.
The gravy of the meat was absorbed by the rice and made it juicy.
 What do you think of this ?
Should I say Taiwanese mussel or clam ? But it is almost raw flavored with soy sauce and garlic. It was for the first time for me to experience the feeling of raw Shijimi, the Taiwanese mussel.
Needless to say,  we tried the Taiwanese beer that brewed in the way derived from Japan.

To be continued.

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