New Chitose Airport 4 !

by Kazu

This restaurant and shops in the building of New Chitose Airport are headquartered in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
The most popular Jingiskan BBG restaurant Matsuo Jingiskan is headquartered in Takikawa City.
The lamb and mutton soaked in the special sauce are so delicious and healthy on top of the effect to give collagen to our skin.
The light and sturdy suite cases manufactured by ACE are the best partner of globe trotters and protect the belongings of the master.
The company's TV commercial film is featured by M. Mariko Shinoda who was a member of AKB 48, the most famous idle group in Japan.
"LAUREL" is head quartered in Sunagawa City and continues to provide cosmetics and other goods for beauty created from the inside and outside of the females' bodies. Aesthetic cream, moistening water and other goods for the females all over the world are created by this company.
Should I present one of the products of this company to the winner of the quiz on this blog site ?

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