Kushi-ya in Rafira Susukino !

by Kazu

The skewered and fried food  restaurant Kushi-ya is one of my wife's favorites in Sapporo City. The system is buffet and DIY style
for 1,260 Japanese Yen at lunch time and for 2,625 Yen at dinner time.  
You can eat as much as you can for 60 minutes at lunch time and for 90 minutes at dinner time.
The lunch time is from 11:00 to 15:00 and the dinner time is from 16:00 to 22:00.
Students of junior high school and grade school and younger are provided cheaper prices.
You can pick up the skewered food from this fridge after given the plastic goblet for soft drinks.    
This is the fryer set in the table.
You can fry the skewered food in this pot.
 Japanese style oil fondue is "in" now all over Japan, I think. You can bring the bread powder and "neriko"which means the flour paste from the counter near the entrance.
The fried food should be placed on the rest for a while to let the oil drop enough from the food.
Pork, thigh and breast of chicken are the protagonist of this stage, for me but other than that, shrimp, bay scallop, squid, okura, lotus root, onion, potato, mushroom, pumpkin, aubergine, baby corn, takoyaki and others are the choice from the fridge. Salad and dessert bar is near the entrance. You can make the tower of ice cream on the cone.
Please eat up what you picked up from the fridge and do not leave the food behind on the table.
Please give a glance at  http://www.kushi-ya.com/
The address is
in Japanese and
7F, Susukino Juujigai Building,
1, Nishi 4 chome, Minami 4 jo, Chuoku, Sapporo City
in English
Phone and fax number are
Of course, you can drink cold draft beer and other alcohol with additional payment.
Chao !

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