Delegation to Taiwan ! ~prologue~

by Kazu

Please allow us to post the photos of the delegation to Taiwan from Sorachi Sub-prefectural area for a week. The delegation members will share the photos with this blog site.
The Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association dispatched the delegation Headed by the Director-General for Sorachi Sub-prefectural Area of Hokkaido Mr. Yamane and the President of the association Mr. Youji Tajima.  
Before the departure of the delegation to Taiwan, we purchased tons of souvenirs and gift to Taiwanese Authority.
These photos were taken in the branch run by one of the most popular and famous Ramen Restaurant in Hokkaido after packing up the souvenirs and gifts.  
The name of the restaurant is "Ajisai" which means "Hydrangea" in Japanese.
I posted the ramen restaurant group headquartered in Hakodate City. This time, I dropped by the branch in New Chitose International Airport.
 The big draw of the ramen restaurant is SIO, salty taste fatty soup.
Every time I dropped by the restaurant, I have "Seabura Charshu-men" flavored with salt and broth.
The grilled and boiled pork is sliced and put on the noodle soup. It is so soft and juicy. It invites you to the land of satisfaction with this taste.
Shred leek, in other words julienne leek is on the pork.  It strikes the best balance with the clear but fatty soup.  
When you eat and drink up the noodle soup, the name of the restaurant can be seen at the bottom of the pot.
The business jaunt to Taiwan started !

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