The products of Yuni Town !

by Soracchi

Nagashima Mushroom Farm developed and produced  “Veggie Rice!”
【Price:420 Japanese Yen】
 The ingredients are dried mushroom, carrot, radish, burdock, black soy-beans called "Kurosengoku" that is so high in polyphenol and other dried veggies.

Nutritious veggie pilaf can be made easily with this product. Needless to say, the ingredients are so high in edible fiber, vitamin D, calcium, βKarotin and so forth.
You can find the color of pink inside the rice steamer when you use this product to make veggie pilaf as if spring has come into the steamer

The nice and deep taste of the dried veggies play the role of fantastic supporting actors and a variety of nutrition can be taken with this veggie pilaf.
I strongly recommend to give a good try !

 Here I introduce another best buy in the products in Yuni Town !
The name of the cookie is very interesting.
"I hate veggies" cookie.
【price:380 Japanese Yen】
Nakamichi Farm developed this cookie in cooperation with a certain confectionery and the product is the namesake of their enthusiasm to let the people eat veggies. The name is filled with their affection
The mushroom-flavored cookie can be purchased in

・ユンニの湯 Yunni-no Yu Hot spring spa
・Aコープ由仁店 A-coop in YuniTown
・てらさわ商店 Terasawa Shop
・りゅうかたストアー Ryuukata Store
・ひらおストアー Hirao Store 

in Yuni Town !
Please try it ! 

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