My colleague will leave his office !

 by Kazu

One of my "big brother" Mr. Masanori UNO decided to step down from the position of the director for  payroll of staff.
He will be the secretary-general of a facility for social welfare that is run by his senior brother who is a general practitioner  inSapporo City.
 His colleague Mr. Masahiko SATO deliver the speech to thank Mr. Uno for his devotion to the tough mission in Hokkaido Government.

The deputy director-general for human resources and development Mr. Yoshihiro SATO also extended his heartfelt words of appreciation to Mr. UNO beside him.

 Of course, the protagonist of this party explained his decision and the forecast in his new office. It seems that there are many points he will and have to cut in for streamlining the procedure of procurement and cutting down on the cost to run the facility.

I was so surprised at the number of the people to have got together for "my big brother". It is a pity that he quit his current job because he is one of my rare buddies to reform the system like an old foggy in Hokkaido Government .
Anyway, kudos to Mr. UNO !

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