Golden Rendezvous in Taipei !

by Kazu

At the entrance of Ambassador Hotel in Taipei, we met again !
Thank you again Taro-san and Mr. Franky Hsiao who drives high quality Benz !
I was given a ride to the cafe "蜜蜂珈琲" which means "Honey Bee Coffee ".
I really appreciate their hospitality and I am convinced that I would take my wife to Taiwan in the near future.
Taro-san kindly bought a cuppa for me.
 Taro-san seemed to live in the quality residential area in Taipei. Mr. Franky Hsiao sounded to run beauty salon group for hair cut.
This is the Taiwanese diner where even the president of Taiwan drops by with his luxury private car.
It's the Taiwanese style to have breakfast !
Mr. Hsiao kindly recommended this diner and Taro-san planned this marvelous experience for my visit.
 Everybody was working quickly in the kitchen of the diner.
What I had in the diner will be posted tomorrow !
Please be looking forward to the photos of the national dishes !

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