Hokkaido- Thailand Relationship !

by Kazu

In the market of waterfront in Thailand, so yam minced and fried fish were sold at some food stands in the area. Very similar scene can be seen even in Japan including Hokkaido.
On top of that, so many horse mackerel were sold beside the fried fish balls.  

Furthermore, people in Thailand seem to be so interested in hot spring spa as one of their own new big draw in their tourism.
The most popular hot spring area in Hokkaido is Noboribetsu Area and Akan Area and some of the visitors to Hokkaido learn about the Onsen Tourism that attaches the importance to the healthy food as well as the quality of hot spring.  
I am convinced that Hokkaido and Thailand are diving into the most successful win-win relationship and the characteristics of each tourism will never be boring even after frequent visits to each area.
The cost performance of visiting each area is also so competitive,c compared to the visit to other area on this globe. The crab in Hokkaido is also addictive for the people in Thailand, I think. The crab in Thailand is very small and can be used to extract the broth. I remember that the presiding officer of the diet in Thailand bought tons of frozen crab as the souvenir to his constituency or the supporters and colleagues.
Can you find the potentials of the relationship ?      
Nowadays, Thailand itself is planning to promote hot spring spa in the forest. Japanese army developed hot spring spa in their base in Thailand before and the hot spring is now made the most of in Thailand. I am not sure even in the atmosphere of 40 degree in Celsius, I can enjoy the hot spring spa and soaking in the bath or not but comparatively the temperature of the hot spring is not so high in Thailand.
There is no volcano in Thailand but the quality spa can be enjoyed in Thailand. We have the common benefit in each area!  

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