It is still snowing in Hokkaido !

by Kazu

Most of Hokkaido was struck again by the heavy snow fall this weekend.  In the comparative warm temperature, the snow flakes were huge and sticky enough to make up the white sculptures.
I had to make route in the snow for the residents of my condo.
This is a spruce tree but so decorated with white fluffy snow.
We are longing for the season of flowers and blossoms but the season seemed to have stepped back a little bit.
"Four warm days and three cold days" is said frequently in Japan before spring. Everybody is fed up with heavy snow in Hokkaido in March.
 I hope this monochrome arts will be the last exhibition before the floral season.
On the premises of Hokkaido University, I could find more attractive art of trees and snow this morning.
 Jogging around on the deep snow is harder than on the beach but watching these snow monsters is so interesting.
It was very calm because the soft snow absorb the sound and noise . I could hear myself breathing and the snow being pressed by my feet such as "gyu gyu".
 It will be fine today but the start of this exciting week was cloudy.
The General Winter has to step back to the north soon. Before that, he seemed to demonstrate his power and the skill of making arts.
 The temperature will rise to zero degree in Celsius in Sapporo City.
You can still enjoy skiing in Hokkaido. Would you visit Hokkaido before the season of white is passing by ?

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