Delegation to Taiwan 4 !

by Kazu

The station building of Taipei is huge and tiny. I remembered the station building of Shinjuku, Tokyo. It also has an atrium inside and the bullet trains start from this station to the south..

 An old-fashioned steam locomotive made in Japan was exhibited in front of the station building. It had been in service until 1982 and retired in theat year.
The garden in front if the station building was trimmed so nicely.
This is the ticket counter for the bullet train HSR in Taiwan.  
This is the atrium inside the station building. Japanese restaurants could be seen on the second floor.
 The roof of the atrium was so high and sunshine from the roof made the atrium bright.
Considering the population of Taipei City, inside the station building was not so crowded.
 The delegation members were so impressed by the transportation system in Taiwan and the chips on the windshield of the automobiles that sent information on how many times and how long the automobiles used the highway.
Anybody knows the name of this beautiful red flowers ?
 There were many old buildings that need to be remodeled in not-so-distanced future.
Remaining the beauty and the taste of old-fashioned buildings, they should be refurbished. I am wondering if the construction companies in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido could give a good try to do that.
The red-brick buildings should be treated carefully, in particular.
The power of rising sun could be seen in Taipei City and it should not be turned off by the wind from the continent, I think.

To be continued.

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