Typical Binge Drinking in Hokkaido !

by Kazu

After enjoying Jingiskan Pot which may be the most popular BBQ of lamb or mutton and veggies in Hokkaido, we headed to the bar hopping area of Naganuma Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
Naganuma Town is comparatively small but the hospitality and the events such as "Sunset Market" are huge as well as the roadside station  in Maoi Area of the town.
The bar hopping area of the town is near the residential area.
Even after drinking plenty of beer in Naganuma Hotspring Spa & Resort, we could enjoy enough the nice drink brewed locally.
You can see the overview of the hot spring at http://www.nitto-sougyou.co.jp/naganuma/naganuma-spa/naganuma-onsentop.html
but it is written only in Japanese. Sorry about that.
So nice and rare quality wine is made in small Maoi Winery that is run by a aged couple of the town.
The winery produces the minimum amount of wine that required to maintain the licence to make wine. Namely, it is the smallest winery in Japan.

 The most popular wine in the smallest winery is "Yama Sauvignon" which is made from the hybrid of wild mountain grape and Cabernet Sauvignon. Needless to say, it is red.
The URL is
This is the bar we were wrecked on the day. I was taught about what the trophies on the shelves meant but I can not remember now.
Mam of the bar was so kind and patient even to the naughty lad like me!
After taking this shot, I lost my memory on the night and could not enjoy the hot spring bath in Naganuma. It was a pity.

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