The last flowers of snow this winter !

by Kazu

When the first flowers of snow can be seen with my better half, sitting next to each other, our hearts are brimming over with happiness.
It is not because of the weakness  of ourselves neither nestling up to each other, I am convinced of the responsibility to protect her and her future.
So far, I am completely doing my best, supported many friends and other people.
At the end of every winter, we have been fed up with white snow and ice but on the other hand, when I think of this kind of scenery that will not be seen until next November, I tend to feel like touching the white snow flakes with my hand.  
As I posted on this blog before, in the comparatively warm temperature such as zero to three degree in Celsius, the snow sticks to the branches and the trunks of trees.  
 On the premises of Hokkaido University, the last art of monochrome showed the last flourish in the night yesterday.

The Goddess of spring is landing soon but currently the General Winter is here to stay a little bit more and the temperature stands at zero in Celsius.

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