Only in Winter !

by Kazu

Kobayashi Shuzo, a well-established Japanese Sake Brewery in Kuriyama Town now sells "Shiboritate", sake bottled from the barrel in this winter. The URL of the company is  http://www.kitanonishiki.com/
but written only in Japanese. You can pick up the pictures from the site for the outlook.
I think it is a little bit sweeter than normal "Kitano Nishiki" which is the flagship series of the company.
Females may prefer this " Shiboruitate" than the normal.
It is different from "Arabashiri" made of the first squeeze from the fermented rice.
This sake is sold only in winter. Please try it before spring is coming !
Besides, this is the photo taken from the box sheet in Mia Angela of Daimaru Department Store Sapporo. Even the glass wine in the restaurant was so nice that I recommend to have the course in which you can drink as much as you can in 120 minutes.
The pizza and the pasta are so delicious as well as grilled meat and salad.
The URL of the restaurant is    http://www.daimaru.co.jp/sapporo/restaurant/SP-R-14.html

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