Yakitori and Motsu-nabe in Mifune, Iwamizawa City

by Kazu

It was in 2007 when I got to know about the yakitori restaurant Mifune 三船 in Iwamizawa City.
When I had a business jaunt to Iwamizawa City  with my colleague and direct supervisor, "It requires 6 persons at least to enjoy enough the restaurant by 9 o'clock in the evening!" said my superior.
I could not understand what he said at that time.
To be brief, the restaurant closed at 9 o'clock albeit it was the place to booze and the fire pot of chicken chitterlings worth 6,350 Japanese Yen is so huge even for five people to eat up. The restaurant is so famous even now not only for the citizen of Iwamizawa City but also in other area of Hokkaido. It derives from Bibai City and Bibai Yakitori, skewered grilled chicken that contains chicken breast, leg and chitterlings in one stick. If asked "What do you imagine from the name of Iwamizawa?,  many people would reply Mifune Yakitori restaurant. It is not written in sand but like on marble.
Versatility may be required to the restaurant to survive in this day and age but specializing in certain kinds of menu may be another way to flourish. To select and concentrate should be required to all kinds of businesses.  The owner and the staff of the restaurant have worked their tail off for many years specialized in yakitori and the chicken chitterlings fire pot.  Reservation is required to have the fire pot in this restaurant by a day before you have it. It may be difficult to find the entrance of the hole-in-the wall but it has wide space inside. Almost everyday the restaurant is full and lively. From the JR station in Iwamizawa City, you can find small sign of this restaurant on your right. Please try it and if any difficulty to reserve a table, please do not to hesitate to contact me at ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp and I will ask your contact to help you enjoy the dinner at this restaurant or others in Iwamizawa City. The photo of skewered grilled chicken in this restaurant is from 
When you have the fire pot, please save the half of the soup in the pot for second round of fire pot;)

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