It was snowing at Nakayama Pass!

by Kazu

The road was a little bit slippery with the snow left on it. Should we call it quits?

But we managed to go through the slippery road and to reach Niseko area on November 3(Sat.).
It did not seem that the automobiles had difficulties to keep the grip on the road but slippery points were here and there on the road around the pass.
The season of skiing has come on top of the mountains?
My wife does not feel the necessity to ski in winter since we came back from Canada. It's a pity that I can not go with the wind on the snow btu the priority is the safety after aged enough. "No rapid move, no rapid reaction, no rapid stop is required for our health and well being." Are we old codger?                           It may be the first time for us to have whole fried potatoes at this pass since we had got married. It may be good for us to remember the happiness of sharing food, time, and inspiration at the same time or talking to each other later.

The azalea was still showing its beautiful vivid red like a flame of enthusiasm what we had in our younger age, even in the cold weather. Shall we rekindle the fire of enthusiasm ? Yes, at the risk of my life, I have to protect my precious!

As a result, we had to come back to Sapporo City on the day after checking in the hotel because my brother in law had a heart stroke. He had almost no damage to his heart muscle and getting well rapidly. What a ?????

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