Newly-harvested rice, buckwheat and Japanese sake Festival in Naganuma Town!

by Travel Report 2 of Sorachi sub-prefectural area

 Long and hot summer has gone and it is like winter is outstripping autumn to reach us in hurry these days.
In such days of melancholy,  the citizens of Naganuma Town kindly threw a party to enjoy with us newly-harvested rice and buckwheat as well as wine and Japanese sake directly from the barrels with culinary delights sourced locally on October 24(Wed.) under the name of "The festival of newly-harvested rice, buckwheat and Japanese sake from the barrel".
The host was the association for promoting green-tourism of Naganuma Town and it was the fourth festival.

The president of the association is the mayor of the town Mr.Masamitsu Naganuma and it was announced in his welcome speech that
the town happily received 4,000 students for study travel from other area of Japan including Hokkaido and that means totally over 30,000students had visited in this 8 years since their efforts for promoting green tourism had been started. According to his speech, the citizens enjoy the bumper crop this year in both of its quality and quantity. The top grade rice accounted for 99% of total rice harvest in the town. Other agricultural produce was also pretty good in their quality and quantity.
Some of the culinary delicacy served in the party was the same as what was served to the guest who had visited the town in green tour. Yami yami yami!
These rice balls were made of the top grade rice named "YUMEPIRIKA" provided by the agricultural association of Naganuma Town and looked so delicious.

Japanese style pickled veggies made by "Miracle Food Processing Group",  "Hometown of Dreams" and "Kitanaga Hand-made Pickled Veggies Village" looked and taste so nice! The combination of rice balls and pickled veggies were something like addictive! I really appreciate to had been born as Japanese!
Occidental-style pickled veggies served by "Ajisai Koubou" were so healthy and the arrangement of the colour was excellent.
Other than that,  characteristic dishes such as boiled soybeans flavoured with various kinds of food, sweet pumpkin cakes, soybeans curds and Shinoda roll were served on the tables.

Bottles of wine were provided by Mr. and Mr. Mukai who ran MAOI Winery that has many silent fans for its sour taste wine made of wild mountain grapes.

Red beans cakes called "Karintou Manju", chocolate pudding and ice cream sourced locally were also served in the party.So nice, so good!
Special thanks to the citizens of Naganuma Town for giving us such occasion to appreciate the grace of the earth!

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