Little Rock Hills 2 !

by Kazu

We had the first snowfall on November 18(Sun.). It was the second latest primary snowfall on the record, allegedly.
But on the day we visited Little Rock Hills in Iwamizawa City, it was so nice to walk around in the premises of Little Rock Hills.

This is the backside of Watokusekian 和徳石庵 which parts were moved from the downtown of Iwamizawa City. We've got the hang of  strolling the area and imagined that we were in Cornwall.

As our choice for lunch in Watokusekian was not enough, we were recommended to visit the Keity's restaurant that provided a variety of dishes albeit only one chef was managing to serve all the guests on the day.

The sculptures of lion were arranged on the hillside.

I am not sure what is the purpose of this building.

Two cottages were on top of this hill. One is for for guests and named "Oakleaf Cottage", and the other is for two guests and named "Rosehill Cottage".

At first, we could not find the entrance of Keity's Restaurant because most of the side were covered with sheet glass.

But the gate was set on the upper side of the hill.

These two cottages might be owner's but we had to check up the truth.
Besides, the lunch on the day that we chose were omelette rice with hashed beef brown sauce. In the sunshine of the afternoon, the omelette had a glare of life.
Another choice was "Lasagna" of excellent twist! I was so hungry that it may be better to subtract the element to evaluate the comment made by such person but I \really appreciated the work of the chef who satisfied my wife who had got angry with my behavior in my private life.

The effectiveness to warm up the restaurant may not be so good but I love the clear sight from the restaurant.

Please have a look on the afternoon in the restaurant!

We may have to appreciate more the bless of sunshine before winter.

The ice cream was not so "brilliant" compared with other elements, to be honest, but it was natural, considering the way of running this kind of facility.

Totally, this area sucked us in its area and the premises with the help of beautiful angle of sunshine that was arranged by the owner.
I thought that we visited the premises at the time it could get the best help of various kinds of natural circumstances. please try that before real winter!