Little Rock Hills 1!

by Kazu

I have seen the similar scenery in England before. It is called L.R. PARiSh or "Chapel of the future" in Japanese.

Little Rock Hills were developed in the hilly area of 11 ha in 1978, making use of the old houses in the United Kingdom. With the belief that the house and the garden should be designed and built altogether", the owner Mr.Matsufuji ordered the developer to plan and build English houses and gardens with forests.
Furthermore, Mr. Matsufuji designed restaurants and three cottages by himself and making use of old stone warehouse in the downtown of Iwamizawa City, he carried all the parts of the warehouse to this site and built a stone warehouse cafe. He recommends us to spend weekends and holidays in this area leisurely.
The name of the cafe is "Watokusekian" 和徳石庵. Its address is 岩見沢市栗沢町上幌684-2,
2-684 Kamihoro, Kurisawa-Chou, Iwamizawa City.
Phone: 0126-44-2858
This is the photo of the cafe. Old furnitures and tools for agriculture are displayed inside.
Most of the guests were on the second floor on the day.

Quiche, lasagna, omelette rice with hashed beef, curry rice, sausages, scone, pound cakes, tarte of each season and Chinese pudding are recommended to eat. Would you try the English taste in Iwamizawa City?