Ski season has come !

by Andy

The ski season in Hokkaido doesn't usually start until December. But up on
the mountains of the Daisetsuzan National Park, there has been snow since
mid-October. Last weekend, after looking longingly at the snow capped
peaks, 3 expats gave in to temptation and decided to start their ski season

Asahidake was the target. The ropeway isn't due to open for another few
weeks, but already there is up to a metre of snow on parts of the mountain.
Setting out early on Sunday November 11th, Brits Andy and Clare Evans,
along with South African Ross Nixon climbed using touring skis and

The sky was deep blue, and with no wind, the weather couldn't have been

The views to the south along the mountain range, and across towards Furano
were breathtaking. Mountains as far away as Shokanbetsudake on the west
coast of Hokkaido were also visible.

Once almost at the top, after a long and difficult hike, it was time to ski
and snowboard back down. The snow wasn't quite the powder snow that
Hokkaido is so famous for, but there were no complaints!

   Hopefully more snow will fall in the second half of November so some ski
areas can start to open. Soon we'll be enjoying Hokkaido's powder snow
using chairlifts, without the need to hike!