Hokkaido University in the night !

by Kazu

It's not the beginning of the nebula.
This is the outdoor lamp along the promenade backside of my condo in Sapporo City.
Almost all the trees had begun to shed the leaves but some of them are showing us the fading dream in day and night.
The gingko trees along the kita 13street in the premises of Hokkaido University are lighten up in the night. So many photographer and citizens visit there and take time and photos that some guards are leading automobiles passing by the intersection.
please compare the scenery with the one of daytime I posted before.
I am not sure this lighting up started this year or last year but it is the first time for my wife and me  to see the beautiful bright colour of gingko biloba even in the night.
Before snow fall, it may be the last time to see the vivid colour of the nature world. If worse came to worst because of the end of the world indicated in Mayan calender, we would not be able to expect the beauty of nature and camaraderie again.

But we have to hand the beautiful world to our descendants without fear of annihilation of human beings albeit I have no kids.  We may be travelers in the eternal  time going. What kind of manners are required to the travellers?

The darker it become, the brighter the light of hope looks sparkling.
Shall we build up the bona fide light of hope before the world we love tears itself apart!