Winner of the quiz for November!

 by Kazu

Congratulations, Andy!
Yes, this is the photo of Kuriyama Park. It was taken from the bridge over Yubari River.
I will send you the coupon issued by AEON or JCB Credit Card Company.
The quiz might be so difficult that Andy was the only one respondent in this month.
Thank you all for attention and visiting to this blog site!
The number of visitors is continuing to increase.
I hope more expatriates in Hokkaido and residents in foreign countries visit this site and contribute the photos with article or
The beautiful season is passing by so rapidly that we should go outside and hit the road, shouldn't we.

We welcome the photos of Hokkaido with short article so much. Please cut out your favorite scenery with your camera and put a comment. If anybody could send it to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
I would appreciate it so much!
Please let your friends and family know about this English blog and quiz posted on this site every month.
The present to the winner of the quiz for December will be "Pan Forte" made by "Food Pallette a.i.u.e.o" in Nanporo Town. The photo of  "Pan Forte" of world class will be posted on this blog soon.

Thanks to all the visitors to this blog site!