Cheng Long Chinese Restaurant Again!

by Kazu

It is so difficult to find the restaurant that can be used after 23:00 in Iwamizawa City but I found the Chinese restaurant Cheng Long owned by a panda can be used until 23:00.
Other than that, Bikkuri Donkey humberg restaurant is the popular place to mingle after 22:00.

The experienced chef of the restaurant is from Shang Tong state of China. He has kneaded and made up approximately 60 kg of dough for noodle everyday since his adolescence of 14 years old. "That means I have kneaded and made up a mountain of doughs totally." said the chef on the menu.
Today's special was fried rice, fried chicken and tan-tan mien( hot spicy noodle soup). It might be too much for us two at 20:00 in the night but we were so hungry after heavy workload in the office.

Temptation of "fried something" were so strong that we ordered these dishes despite eating fatty food while burning the midnight oil is devastating for our body to stay fit.

Why we human beings are attracted to what damages our health ? Why does such fatty food invite us to the forbidden behaviors?
Surrendering to the charm of fatty food is the taste of honey.  As a result, I've got extra pounds in the night and it took 2 days to shed the extra weight. What a absurd behavior I did but the everything on the dishes were extremely delicious! The chef of the restaurant is the master of cutting out noodles directly from the dough and throw them into the boiling water as shown in the drawing above. The noodle is callled "Tosho Men". Please try that!

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