Food Pallette a.i.u.e.o in Nanporo Town!

by Kazu
This is the present to the winner of the quiz for December.  The quiz has not been decided but the present has been decided.

This sweet is called "panforte" that is the traditional cake of Siena,Toscana Province in Italy.

Why can we provide this traditional panforte ?
Because we've got a world level boulangerie in Nanporo Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.
The name of the boulangerie is
 Nanporo,Food Palette (食のパレット)a.i.u.e.o
run by Mieko Kanahyou, the wife of a famous artist in Hokkaido, Mr.Naoyuki Kanahyou who got the excellent skill to produce arts of iron and other kinds of material.
Mr. and Mrs.Kanahyou had lived in France and Italy for years and learned the ropes to make beautiful art and cuisine.
Precisely speaking, this panforte made by Mrs.Kanahyou has original twist by adding maple syrup and pure levulose(fruit sugar) to the original traditional one.This twist moderates the sweetness of the the traditional panforte.

Its ingredients are sunflower seeds, raisin, dried fig, dried apricot, pure levulose (fruit sugar), maple syrup, chocolate chips, cinnamon, nutmeg seed, brandy. Except for levulose and brandy, all the ingredients are produced organically.
Other than panforte, sweet bean jelly and sweet pumpkin jelly are superb handmade sweets produced by Mrs.Kanahyou. 
Hand-written description on the ingredients and contact are on the wrap of the sweets.
A wide variety of breads and cakes can be selected albeit the facility to make those culinary delights is so small like a cottage because the building was built originally as a small community center to for the residents to mingle.

On the left is the "Classic" bread,  the first type of bread made in this facility. It is recommended to eat the sliced one with cheese or ham as well as a cup of soup, throwing pieces of the bread into the soup. The yeast used for the bread is made from the ferment generated on the surface of raisins.
The yeast is called "Shirakami kodama Yeast". "Himawari rasin bread" is a little bit heavy because it contains a plenty of sunflower seeds, raisin, dried fig without sugar.
Contained fruit gives the bread natural sweetness.

"Choco-pan" was created with the image of  "pan au chocola which the infants was given by their mom in Paris. Organic black chocolate is contained. It's bitter taste.

"Citrus peel and walnut aroma bread" is made with Molasses yeast and sweet Japanese sake. "Good smell should be a part of deliciousness!" said Mrs.Kanahyou. "Smell stimulates the brain of human beings directly and helps remembering the memories that connected with certain kinds of smell."
"Fuwa Fuwa Pan" is also made with Molasses Yeast and Japanese sweet sake. Basically, the breads made in this boulangerie are comparatively solid, a little bit heavy and tasty but even this soft bread has the sure taste of happiness and deliciousness. Butter and fruit jam fit it to a T. 
This roll bread contains sweet jam made in this facility and is also made with Molasses Yeast and Japanese sweet sake. It is particularly good for quick bite when feel hungry or in the car.

Please try the breads and sweets at this
 "Food palette a.i.u.e.o"!

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