Arte Piazza in Bibai City in Autumn!

by Kazu
 It is prohibited to be three sheets to the wind in this cafe. Before that, no alcoholic drinks in this cafe.
But it is very romantic and stimulating our sense of art, if we have, to nurse the glasses of wine in front of the fireplace or stove, as it was during our stay in Mt.Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.
The flame in the fireplace give our face and skin red light and shadow. Just looking at the flare and popping wood ease our nerves at night as our ancestors felt in the cave or elsewhere long long time ago. 
 As I introduced before, this facility and the park were planned by the famous artist Mr. Kan Yasuda et al. So many sculptures made by Mr.Yasuda are here and there in this park. Looking at this sculpture from the window in front of the stove may loosen our tongue without alcohol.
The ceiling is arranged so that the guests feel comfortable to have enough space over their heads.
Just one gentleman talking  with the staff was in the cafe  other than us three. This facility and the park are not time-honored but promises the time of quality.
Art seminars are held in this building sometimes.
Some guests prefer the seats at the counter table to the other table because many guests, particularly the frequent visitors love to chat with the staff. Convivial people should go to other facilities to drink but in fact, the facility became the stage for the citizen and the residents of adjacent cities to mingle and spend the quality time.
A kindergarten is in the same premises of this park. Romping around the sculptures on the lawn must affect positively to the mind infancy.
It has already snowed in Sorach sub-prefectural area but the snow will melt up again and we have a wee bit more time to hit the road.
Hot spring bath and fireplaces are rampant in Hokkaido. What is the nearest resort that has hot spring spa and a fireplace for you?

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