OPa in Bibai City Special!

by Kazu

This is the third time for me to have lunch in this restaurant. The chef treat us three to the special dessert on top of the different version of beefsteak lunch course.
This restaurant has not been experienced winter season  as "Teppan French OPa" yet after converted from the guest house owned by a Japanese dance master Mr.Narusuke HANAYAGI. It seems to be tough job to take away the snow around the building and parking area of the restaurant.
Slightly grilled sliced Yonezawa beef was the same as we have for the second visit. Fresh salmon was rolled and contained radish boiled with broth. Mushroom soup was in the cup on the plate.
And  at the center of the plate is crab meat with gel'ee which knocked me down with its sophisticated harmony of the taste.
The recipe of the gel'ee was the secret and the taste of the gel'ee stimulate our stomach so comfortably that I was convinced that I could eat up more beefsteak if I had enough confidence to shed extra pounds in a week.
Black truffe and foie gras sauce extract the maximum of Yonezawa beef and the garlic paste added the twist. Radish pieces boiled with broth gave us good interval for our tongue to taste the beef enough with foie gras.
Pink roses made us comfortable on the table and sang the gospel to prepare our another stomach for the beauty of sweets.
Three kinds of sweets were on the plate. The ladies with me were so fascinated with the layout of the sweets, actually.
Strawberry mousse with red-wine sauce should be the first one to eat on this plate, considering the strong taste of other two sweets, I thought.
The second should be the banana mousse with strawberry sauce. Its sour taste refresh the taste buds of our tongue.
The last should be the chocolate mousse with caramel sauce. It has an impact and might be another protagonist of this lunch course.
It was so smooth and tasty itself and got the accent with the red-wine sauce.
Banana mousse with strawberry sauce grabbed the heart of the ladies with me albeit my wife does not like the smell of banana.
The condensed caramel sauce with espresso has so nice bitterness and matched with the sweetness of the chocolate mousse. It was the appropriate sweets to wrap up this lunch course this time.
Those sweets were the special treat for us arranged by the chef Mr.Endo as a result of our frequent use of this restaurant. please do not require him to serve the same kinds of sweets without using it frequently!

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