Japan Railway station in Niseko Town !

 by Kazu

This is not the chapel for newly weds.
It is the railway station in Niseko Town, Shiribeshi sub-prefectural area. The small cafe in this building is very popular and so difficult to have a seat at lunch or dinner time. Many railway and train maniacs visit here to take photos of classical locomotives that connect Sapporo City and this town.
this building was built in 1965.
Adjacent building for tourism has the same Tirolean taste as the station does.  
This photo was not taken at Niseko Station but at Kutchan Station. A classical locomotive drew the train and enter the platform area.
A steam locomotive drew the train and entered the platform area, exhaling clouds of steam from the engine. It was like gasping after the long hard work.
  After dropping off the passengers, the steam locomotive was separated from the train and get the necessities for next hard work.
   Not so many maniac people craving for the real steam locomotives and trains were there on the day but sometimes a hectic amount of people visit this area to take photo of steam locomotives.
  Such kind of maniacs for locomotives and trains exist only in Japan? It may stimulate nostalgic mentality of the people born in Showa Era of Japan?