Ramen Republic of Sapporo!

 by Kazu

It may be surprising to see the ramen restaurant from Tokyo in Sapporo City.
The name of the restaurant is "Hirugao" which means convolvulus in Japanese.
Salt-base fatty broth called "Paitan" soup seemed to be the main draw of this ramen restaurant specialized in salt-base ramen
noodle soup in Ramen Republic of Bic Camera Building of Sapporo. On the right is the standard salt-based ramen noodle soup with Charshu, slices of  roast pork. It is not too fatty but tasty. I understood the reason this restaurant was admitted to open in Ramen Republic of Sapporo despite, basically, the flagship restaurants should be based in Hokkaido.  
Merely ramen noodle soup? But ramen is almost the national cuisine that attracts millions of pepople per day and actually grabbed the stomach of Japanese people. It is still on the way of evolution. A certain kind of gluten in wheat may be addictive to Asian people. Many people who love ramen or soba, buckwheat noodle stand on their own and run their own restaurant all over Japan.