Little Rock Hills 3 !

by Kazu

The trees in "Little Rock Hills" seemed to had been cut by using the pruning shears the way as if the trees were ushering the visitors.
This is the backside of "Oakleaf Cottage". I am wondering if I had a chance to veg out in this cottage in the future.

"Rosehill Cottage" is next to Oakleaf Cottage, so totally 6 persons can stay in those cottages.

The long shadow of my body showed the time we visited. It was not so cold but the sound of steps made by General Winter could be listened to.

Very pretty miniatures of houses were placed at the foot of trees here and there on the hill.

Rosehill Cottage has very nice view of the hill through the big windows.

Small models of houses were damaged by heavy snow fall last winter but they existed as if same design of houses would be built in the not-so-distanced future in the plan.

Larches showed its beautiful orange colour of the leaves.
             The map of the hill is below.
On way back from the hills to the downtown of Iwamizawa City, the line of trees were so beautiful. They will be covered with snow soon. I have not decided if I purchase a stove for my flat this year or not. I have only one portable stove on my flat.

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