Late at night in Bistro Fumiya, Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu
This is where I dropped my mobile phone and the owner kindly kept it for me. Yes, this is the second bistro we usually use in bar-hopping in Iwamizawa City.
Bistro Fimiya is well-established time-honoured bistro in front of the JR station of Iwamizawa City.
It has not so wide space but I have a crush on the KAKUNI, blocks of pork boiled with broth, red wine and something.
It has only eight seats around the counter table but two separated room for groups of eight to ten people.

From the JR Station of Iwamizawa City, you can find this red lantern on your left.
After binge drinking in the first venue of the party, this red lantern may be dangerous enough for me because its delicious dishes make me forget how much I drank and ate before I reach this bistro. My instinct tends to be lured to this red lantern, to be honest. Even if I decided to go back to my flat in Iwamizawa City just after the first party in the downtown is wrapped up,  I find myself doing chug-a-lug of a pints of beer in this bistro. So dangerous!

This shopping arcade around this bistro is very calm in the night and such lonely circumstances may make the passengers drop by this red lantern. Basically the charm of this kind of red lantern which is the sign of typical Japanese bistro called "Izakaya" may stimulate the gene of Japanese people historically and might have penetrated in our DNA.
You can smoke in this bistro.
For non-smokers,
I recommend to reserve a table for your group in the separated room like a cocoon. Various kinds of Japanese sake and spirits it has. Particularly, Okinawan aged spirits called "KUSU" in a big brown pot is to be tried. It is very strong but also tasty with ages.
The name is "Ryukyu Ouchou" which means old dynasty of Okinawan Islands. The bistro does not specialize in Okinawan typical cuisine and flavouring but it has some twist of Okinawan cuisine,I think.

My supervisor loves Japanese sake so much that I should be careful about the pace he drinks sake for the next business day when I drink with him.
This is my favorite "Kakuni". The fat is shed enough during boiled in the broth but only protein and collagen are left in this pork. It requires 6 km jogging to avoid to get extra pounds  for me but absolutely it is so good for our skin that I can find the difference of my skin next morning after I had this dish! Strongly I recommend this dish to females!

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