Sapporo in winter 1

by Kazu

The beautiful autumnal foliage has gone and the white cold beauty has come without paying through the nose in Hokkaido.
Can you remember the photo of the same tree and the outside lamp I posted?
The total color was yellow or orange of the leaves and the light.
Now it turned to white with snow and ice.
It is the backside of of my condo. 

It was very calm at midnight even in the center part of Sapporo City. Such scenery will be seen in the mainland of Japan this winter, I think.
At the beginning of winter, I wonder if I can get over the coldness and wind chilly every year but once the world around me is covered with white snow, my body begins to generate the power and fever to get along with winter. The roads are covered with so-called black ice and terribly slippery. 

Many car accidents happen in Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area because of the snow and slippery surface of the roads.

The center street in front of JR station of Sapporo City was so decorated with white illumination of LED light bulbs.
 I do not think such scenery has not been the object of pejorative appellation but somebody said if the couple of "straight" walked this road through Odori area, the couple would say good-by each other and would not get married.
No evidence and not statistics has not been shown in this regard but it may be natural for single persons to envy the couples walking through the beautiful light happily. The underground promenade that connects JR Sapporo Station and Odori is available this year but this season the number of passengers walking through this road increased a little bit to see this white illumination. Heavy snow may  hit our area again this year but now the stars are shining in the sky like these white LED light bulbs.

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