Quiz of the month for November !

by Kazu

It may be difficult to reply the right answer
Where is this ?

I've not asked to do a favor for the expatriates in my area but at this moment , it is the merit for Hokkaido Government and the expatriates in my area.

Reading recent posting make you easier to get the right answer to this question, I think.

Because I exerted extreme effort to ・・・・・.

As I've informed on this blog everymonth, the winner of the quiz of of the month will get the coupon or the product sourced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area worth 3,000 Japanese yen.  

I am now in Niseko hot spring area but it's a pity that it is raining. Enjoy even on the rainy day in hot spring spa in Hokkaido !

I will do binge drinking with my wife in the BBQ restaurant near the hotel I am staying in Niseko.

Hot spring spa is so nice to soak in !

Would you come with us next time, Ms.Lee?

I am staying in another Hotel in Niseko, Norm.
 Where are you now, can I ask ?

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