Utashinai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area!

  by Kazu                                                    This Tirolean-like building is "Tirol no Yu" Hot Spring Hotel in Utashinai City where Mr.Takaoki Murakami won the election and began to call the shots. This City almost went bankrupt before after the coalmine industry in its area had collapsed. The citizens and the clerks of the municipality  had a long tough time to recover from the bad financial situation and to provide public services in a shrunk budget.    
Recently the municipality was successful to make ends meet in a fiscal year and is continuing to pay back the debt.
The city has a so nice ski Ge lande on the hillside of Mt.Kamoi-dake that national ski team stays and do their training here every year. Other than "Tirol no yu" hot spring spa and hotel, the city has Kamoi-dake hot spring spa and hotel near the ski courses. After the hard training,  hot spring spa with the smell of sulfur works out to take off the strain of the muscle and ease the pain.    
Of course,  soaking in the bath of ONSEN makes the athletes feel relaxed and give the power to strike out the best time. This photo is the hot spring bath of "Tirol no yu".
"Tirol no yu" has a so nice in-house training area that the families can enjoy sports and some kinds of activities even on the rainy day. Utashinai City exerted efforts to revitalize its area by introducing Tirolean design of Switzerland to the public building and apartment house run by the municipality in developing the city.

"Kamoi-dake Hot spring spa and Hotel " has an excellent training gym for athletes in house. Winter is the high season of tourism for this area, but even in summer, this area is a good place to enjoy horse trekking and mountain- bike riding. Actually, horse riding endurance competition is held around this area every year. Would you visit Utashinai City before the  reservation to stay in the hotel become difficult in winter?

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