Chrysanthemum Festival in Sapporo but my home town also is famous for beautiful ones!

by Kazu

It seems that something interesting will happen in Sapporo City. This stage has been set beside the underground aisle that connect Sapporo station of Japan Railway and Ohdohri area. Some kinds of attraction will be done on this stage.I was on the road and found this red stage on November 1(Thu.).  
It is a kind of competition to decide the best flower that is what the efforts of the specialists crystallized to.

Is this the result of genetic modification or hybridization ?  Considering the allergy of Japanese people against GMO, these flowers were born in the generations of hybridization, I think.

I can not believe these kinds of flowers bloom naturally. How can the white colour be realized? How can the shape like a dream come true? I really appreciate the skill of the specialists who developed and grew these flowers.

These flowers with like-glass-fibers need the support to show them excellently. Very curious shape of flowers make the passengers on the prowl around themselves.

It is very similar to a kind of insect-eating plant but it does not catch the insects.

I thought this competition needed the vote of the passengers but i could not find the bill for voting.
Each flower arrangement may cost  a small fortune but no guard and security staff were there.

Can you recognize the ring of wire to support the flowers from below?

In my hometown Kitami City,the figures decorated with daisy and Chrysanthemum of such kinds are exhibited in the annual festival and draw many citizens and visitors from other cities and towns.

Nowadays many local festivals are on the rope because of aging population and lack of next generation. I hope the specialists can keep the technology and hand down to next generation. Please visit the underground aisle of Sapporo City!

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