Sapporo in winter 2 !

by Kazu

My jogging course in Sapporo City got so slippery. In the premises of Hokkaido University, the lawns and the roads are covered with snow and ice completely. Even in cold circumstances, the number of joggers like me seemed to be increasing. Inhaling cold air makes me refreshed and ready for battles in my daily life.
Inhaling the air of minus 30 degrees in Celsius made the mucous membrane of pharynx chilblain slightly in Canada.

We do not have such cold day in Sapporo City but the chilly breeze from the northwest
makes us shivering. Compared to the eastern part of Hokkaido including my hometown Kitami City, it tends to be cloudy or snowy in the western part of Hokkaido affected by the monsoon.
The pond in the premises of Hokkaido University has not been covered with ice and snow but the surface has been frozen slightly.
As if no leaves from the scratch, the colourful foliage has gone with the wind from the northwest.
The poplar trail where many tourists visit and take photos was also so calm and cold that very few people were strolling early in the morning. Much more tourists would visit there late in the morning. The roads are so slippery now that the visitors should be careful to avoid broken hip and compound or simple fracture. When Fatinnadiah visit Hokkaido in winter, I will have to escort her for the perfect pleasure!
I will post the so-called "white illumination" in Sapporo next time!