Foggy Bottom of the Hollow in Kamikawa !

by Kazu inspired by Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Why the place where the central government was placed, has the name related fog or mist in the U.S.A and Japan. In the U.S.A., Foggy Bottom of Washington, D.C. and in Japan, Kasumigaseki which means Misty Gate in Japanese. It's very curious to compare the both each other. 
This is not the "Morning Glory" at the north end of Australia. The difference of the temperature of the comparatively warm river and the extremely cold air at the bottom of Kamikawa Hollow generate the fog around the flow of Ishikari River.
Winter has come with white snow in Hokkaido including Kamikawa and Sorachi sub-prefectural area. Both area were harshly hit by heavy snow last winter.  What's the Meteorological Agency of Japan forecast about this winter? 
I heard that it said it would be colder than last winter in the western part of Japan.  But I heard no mention about the north and east part of Japan, yet.
Early in the morning, such kind of scenery can be seen in Kamikawa. Very cold and very calm it was but the beauty in the morning was worthwhile.
It gets dark earlier in the evening than other seasons. And sun rises later in the morning than other seasons. It may be easier to see the scenery when you visit this area jogging around in the morning.
Something is moving on the flow of Ishikari River in the fog.
My wife can not get up early in the morning, particularly in winter. I see many couples jogging or walking around in the premises of Hokkaido University early in the morning. I am wondering if I will be able to have time to share such beautiful scenery that can be seen only early in the morning with my better half. Is it embarrassing for females to be invited to such world? My friend Norm paddled down on a Voyageur Canoe from Ottawa through Montreal, St.Laurence River, the Richelieu, the Hudson,  the East River, New York Harbour, by the UN building and Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, the Delaware, across Chesapeake Bay  and  Potomac to Washington D.C..
What a great journey he did!
He slept under the stars by the ocean, on a deck of tall ship in Philadelphia, paddling in big waves, in the rain, saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets. He said they were surreal, dreamlike, beautiful beyond words. He made it!
You can see the scenery he saw on the journey at www.youtubeCap2Cap (video), and www.cap2cap.ca (photos).
Can you accompany such great journey, ladies?

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