Teppan French Opa in Bibai Again!

by Kazu
I was a little bit tired of keeping my eyes and ears open for gobbledygook made by the headquarters of Hokkaido Government, so I took youngsters of the government to the source of power to keep faith with them.
Do you remember the name of the  Teppan French Restaurant in the outskirt of Bibai City?
Yes, it is "Opa" where we can eat premium beefsteak from Yonezawa Hollow in Yamagata Prefecture.                             
It may be difficult for me to idle away from my business this fiscal year because Mayan Calender did not show the dates after December 26?28?.

In such situation this restaurant is the last resort to refresh my brain and beef up my body!
The garden of the restaurant was being trimmed by the gardeners and prepared for long winter.

I do not know if the dome-shaped blue object is kiln or oven but was so attracted that I took this photo on the day.
The backyard of the restaurant has a deck to eat outside in summer and autumn. I've not tried the table so far. I will try it with my wife next summer.

Almost all the harvesting have been done around the restaurant.

No produce, no livestock can be seen now.  I can not call this land "Great Plain" like in North America but actually this area produces almost the half of rice in Hokkaido.

These are the guests of the lunch hosted by myself on the day. It is not prohibited to smoke in the restaurant but I hope they have consideration not to smoke while other guests having delicious cuisine.
The appetizer of the lunch course was consist of truffe soup, slightly grilled beef, heart of colt and salmon with spinach sauce. Oh, just remembering the taste makes my mouth filled with saliva.

Every time we have beefsteak lunch course, the chef Mr.Endo shows us the meat to grill beforehand.
This small kitchen is the wonderful stage for Mr.Endo and the superb materials of cuisine.

Truffe sauce, piquant sauce are added original twist by the chef.
Most of the occidental people may prefer dry-aged beef to such kind of soft and fatty beef but this soft and fatty beef may be a kind of art produced by the farmers in Yonezawa Hollow in Yamagata Prefecture.

On the left is arranged with piquant sauce of chef's original. Right hand side above is flavoured with truffe salt and the below with garlic &soy-sauce. It's the photo taken at the first time we visited.
I could not drink because I was the driver to host the guests. I had three serves of rice instead of beer or wine.

Rare ? Medium rare? Doesn't matter!
It melt me down in a second.
This time, the shape of dish is different from the first visit but the flavour was the same albeit the layout was different. Grilled mushroom, boiled carrot and radish are added.

Despite I indicate the right spell of "piquant" sauce, the chef calls this sauce "piquaton".
I think truffe salt is the best flavour to appreciate enough the delicate taste of Yonezawa beef.
Garlic and soy-sauce flavour is the best for steamed rice and beer.                                                                        
I'd better get going now and I have to take my wife and her friends this weekend to OPa. I will have to jog around my flat much longer than usual this week. Besides, all the choice for lunch got a little bit more expensive than before by 500 Japanese yen as shown below. Totally, the host of the lunch paid 17,500 Japanese yen for the staff who had worked for the benefit of Hokkaido residents!

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