Rainbow and hot spring in Niseko!

 by Kazu

Can you see the rainbow in this photo?
We saw a large rainbow from the hillside of Niseko Annupuri on November 3(Sat.). It was a pity that it was fading at the moment I turn on the switch of my camera.
But actually,  we saw a huge rainbow in Niseko area on the day. It was raining in the area but at that moment, sunshine made this rainbow in the direction of west. 
We headed to the pass near the Mt. Iwao Nupri and Mt. Chise Nupuri but the road was closed in winter albeit I did recognized it is still in autumn. An officer to maintain the road recommended us to detour and we could see this fading dream.
Going back to Kutchan Town, we started to go around the mountain to reach the hot spring bath onnthe opposite side of the mountain. The hotel to stay was not in this area but we dropped by Niseko Yumoto Onsen(hot spring spa.). It was raining but soaking in the hot spring bath with the strong smell of sulfur gave us the second wing to fly.    
 Not so many tourists were around the pond of hot spring. This pond is not for bathing.  The hotel next to this pond has the same width of outside bath partly roofed, partly no roofed.
I did not planned to drop by this hotel named Yukichichibu that has 11 kinds of hot spring bath tub totally but the hot water really works out to heal the body tired from office and house chores, and exercise.
This area is called Yumoto Onsen area and listed as a national park that has even camping site. No lighting was set in the camping site, so when we set our tent at the center of the site, we had to go to the center of the darkness to find our tent before.

It is prohibited to take photos in the bath.  This is the reception of the hotel Yukichichibu.
Please check the details of the hot spring spa at http://www7.ocn.ne.jp/~yusenkak/yukichichibu/contents2.htm
but it is described only in Japanese.

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