Hokkaido University in the daytime! ~for Ms.Lee~

by Kazu

Autumnal foliage gave us some kind of inspiration this year, too. Nowadays, everybody may be under fire struggling with hammer-head superior, demanding customers or clients, report assignments, paranoids, red-tape reactions and making ends meet.
Please have a look at the art of the nature that surrounding you. Why are they so systematic? Why are they so beautiful ? Because they don't expect too much in their lives. If I pursued only my benefit, the plan would not go well.     
      In the premises of  Hokkaido University, autumnal foliage is at the peak of beauty in this year.

The foliage of this tree shrunk and withered last autumn but is in full flourish before going away.

Every tree in Hokkaido University is playing as if each of them was the protagonist on this stage.

I forgot how they performed last autumn but they have impressed me so much every year and whenever I jogged around the premises, they showed me different countenance.

Do you have enough time to enjoy such kind of consolation in Japan? if any problem, please do not contact me or my wife in the way you know!

This street is lighten up in the night and many photographers visit there to cut out the scenery and post it on where they managed to create.

The brightness of gingko biloba is superb with the colour of yellow. The contrast of the black trunk and yellow leaves are so nice!
                   This tree is in front of Medical School  of Hokkaido University.
reflecting the sunshine, it is like a light emitting tree.
   This area is located at the northern end of Hokkaido University premises.
It is the old barn of Hokkaido University that was originally established as an agricultural college many years ago.
Many barns and a pond are in this fence.

The colour of red is so vivid in Hokkaido University this year that many visitors including tourists stop by those tree with red .

Poplar trees have been playing the role as the consigliere of the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as post-graduates for years. Have they been replaced by electronic gadgets and web?

This tree beside the power plant of Hokkaido University
was there when I graduated Hokkaido University. When I stop the  fight against the wrong in this world and stand still, I will come back to this area to fight again.
Good bye, flowers for a while!

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