Hokkaido Shrine Annual Festival !

by Kazu

The annual festival of Hokkaido Shrine was carried out even in the rain The float peculiar to the community was lugged around in the town in order to show the icon of the community to the residents and to show the current scenery of the town to the deity in the portable shrine.

 After being hit by cold rain, I hoped the staff could have such hot, tasteful, spicy and energizing ramen noodle soup to warm them up. The boiled sprout was so spicy that you could do a chug-a-lug of pints of beer three times with the service veggie.  
You can select various kinds of noodle depending on the hardness of them. The second hardest is called "wire" and the hardest is called "just taking off the powder" that means to boil the noodle for a second just to take off the powder on the noodle.
Sesame, black pepper, white pepper, spicy oil were on the counter to entertain yourself widening and deepening the world of ramen noodle soup.
"Barikiya" headquartered in Hakata, Kyushu Island deployed here and there in Sapporo City.
Enjoy the draw of noodle world !

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