Viva, Matsumae Town !

by Kazu

How old do you think he is ?
He is the top gun dispatched from the Municipality of Matsumae to my group in the Headquarters of Hokkaido Government. His is Mr. Seiya Watanabe who is twenty one years younger than me.
The serial promotion events of the municipalities in Hokkaido is held in a Japanese bistro "Funamoriya Bettei Aburichaya" in the bar-hopping area, Susukino of Sapporo where seedy play-fields also exist.
The URL of the introduction for the bistro is    http://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0101/A010103/1027575/ 
The promotion event for Matsumae Town in the southern part of Hokkaido was  held in the "Izakaya" that had very nice tasteful interiors and well-designed structure inside.
The mayor of Matsumae Town Mr.Hideo Ishiyama  and the CEO of UENO-YA Inc. Mr. Ueno led the party with Mr. Watanabe in my group.  
 Sushi-grade fresh abalone and sea urchin were served with the shells as well as the top-quality fatty tuna shown above. Needless to say, they were from Matsumae Town.
Shredded sea kelp and conch were mixed together and worked so much as appetizer.

Mr. Watanabe worked so hard in the event because he had to give a good support to the mayor while taking care of us.
Totally, one hundred and five guest took part in the event including our group and contributed to playing up Matsumae Town.
Next event in this Izakaya will be held for Bibai Town in Sorachi Sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido followed by that for Numata Town on July 17(Thu.)
Mr. Shuukou Nakata is also working in my group and posed to the camera.

Mr. Kazuya Endo on the right is the secretary to the President of Hokkaido Research Organization that spun out from Hokkaido Government.
Mayor Mr. Ishiyama was leading the gala on the stage, supported by Mr. Watanabe. Everything on the stage could be seen on the display in each booth in the bistro.

 The CEO, Mr. Ueno delivered the goods from Matsumae Town to each table.  
They worked their tails off going around each table and they made it in the kicking-off event of the serial promotion.
A variety of food and goods were given to the guests who picked up the fortune lottery.
The special night continued for hours !

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