Go back to west !

by Kazu

After finished all the meeting and investigation in this business jaunt, we took the train from Kushiro to Sapporo.
Different from the paddy fields in western and central part of Hokkaido, veggie fields and pastures account for the most of the plain.

Eve the gray sky played up the dignity of deities in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
The scenery from the window of the train is a little bit different from what can be seen while driving a car on the road because the routes  are different.
 I think the railway might be more eco-friendly than the road when it  comes to building the way because cutting off parts of mountains is not required to make the railway compared to building roads.
Going across the river, paddy fields, veggie fields and residential are of the cities and towns, the train carried us to the place where our be-loved is working, living and sleeping.
 Obihiro City is the biggest city between Sapporo and Kushiro and the center of farming and cattle raising in Hokkaido. Needless to say, many top confectioneries are headquartered.

I think I contributed a lot to their sales quota on the day because I bought so much drink in the cart.
 In the cart of the train swinging right and left, our stomachs might become bottomless to some extent. This vendor going back and forth allures so much passengers.
As it was getting dark outside, some passengers started to sleep and others were waiting for the vendor.
The lesser the rest of the journey becomes, the more we become eager to do what can not be done outside the train.
Is it natural ?                                                                        

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