Dried "Shishamo" with beer !

by Kazu

Spirinchus lanceolatus is the nomenclature of these fish.
It is similar to Japanese smelt called Wakasagi in Japanese but it is larger and more tasteful than Japanese  smelt .
Every time I  visit Kushiro City, I buy it with beer at the railway station. It is sold as "Hime Shishamo" and approximately 500 Japanese yen.

Each piece is like this.
It contained shishamo roe inside. I drank up 6 cans of beer with these fish.
 The railway station of Kushiro City was so calm before the departure of the train for Sapporo City.
There were many vacant seats before the peak season of tourism and it was so comfortable to sit back and relax drinking beer with shishamo.

 Kushiro City is surrounded the marsh where Japanese national treasure red-crowned white cranes are raising their kids.
Huge solar power generating system is located in the outskirt of Kushiro City.
The pioneers developed even the mead but it was so hard to cultivate such land of peat. That is why stock breeding is one of the key industry around Kushiro City other than fishery.
Have a nice weekend !

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