Taiwannese restaurant "Goto" in Susukino Area of Sapporo City !

by Chis.

After finishing hair-cutting and -dyeing, I took my hubby, who was jogging around in downtown of Sapporo City, to the famous bar-hopping area Susukino.
I've given a glance at the hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese restaurant before but have not tried yet.
It was on the right-hand side of this small lane.  
  1. It did not seem that the chef and his partner were from Sichuan but this small Panda received us kindly at the counter of the restaurant.
Huángjiu in the pot was served with a glass and ice. It stimulated my hubby's appetite so much that we committed a breaking taboo in the night later. 
Yes, we pigged out a variety of Taiwanese cuisine in this restaurant and hopped to the next restaurant later. Needless to say we got the extra pounds for hours but we were successful to cull the extra in a day.
This is the Huángjiu from the pot.
Various kinds of herbs are contained and the smell is like a pharmaceutical substance.
This is flourist's daisy tea that smells so nice and refreshes in our mouth.
Boiled meat Chaozu came first.
Chinese ? Taiwanese dumpling is one of our favorite. We were wondering if the staff members of Taiwanese Consulate in Sapporo City commute this restaurant or not.
So juicy !

  1. These xiǎolóngbāo showed high degrees of skill of the chef. They were juicy and tasty as well as caring !  
The fried chicken was not oily but so crispy and spicy. My hubby did not do usual chug-a-lug of cold pints beer in the restaurant but I easily recognized that he was fighting the uphill battle to do chug-a-lug with this spicy chicken.

To be continued.

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