Viva, Matumae Town ③ ! Epilogue.

by Kazu

I am so sorry for failing to post the explanation on the whole course menu on the day.
Appetizer : Matsumae-zuke
                 Shredded squid and kelp with herring's roe called               "Kazunoko". I think that "Matsumae-zuke" is one                   of the most famous processed food that is    
                crowned a certain name of a municipality and has                 the pervaded fame.
Again, Mr. Watanabe is from Matsumae Town where the first branch of Tokugawa Shogunate was established in Hokkaido Island.
To be honest, I think he will be the mayor of the town in the future because the aura reflected on this photo is so huge and colored so nicely ! .
Sliced sushi-grade fatty tuna landed on the Port Matsumae at Matsumae, sliced quality abalone and  two purple sea urchin followed as shown below.
Jazz session and some other attractions were performed on the stage and that were delivered to each table simultaneously.
The capacity and the audio system in the Japanese bistro were so competitive as if the place was disco or something like that.
Mr. Wtanabe kindly served us with his heartfelt hospitality and pure love to his hometown.
Salad made of squid and healthy veggies of the season followed the dish above.
Baked egg, grilled  Okhotsk atka mackerel, and a piece of flavored ginger were on the next dish.
Boiled pot contained wakame seaweed, squid shaped spears and the root of veggies.
Fried fish-cake topped with precious dried seaweed made by the moms in Matsumae Town. Pickled veggies,
  1. mille-feuille of seaweed called "Nori" and the specialty Miso soup play the role to wrap up the party thrown in the Japanese bistro albeit I ordered additional dishes after the call of the end of the party.
Kudos to the mayor of Matsumae Town and Mr. Watanabe who gave the mayor his best support and paid attention his colleague in my division !

 Please be looking forward to my report on the gala for Bibai City to be held in the same venue !

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