Akkeshi Town ④ !

by Kazu

I've posted the photos of the bar-hopping night in Naganuma Town in Hokkaido before.
These photos were taken in Akkashi Town in June.

 The comfy room is in the bar that is frequently used by the civic clerks of the municipality of Akkeshi.  Each of them enjoyed enough the talk and karaoke in the apparently brand-new bar in Akkeshi Town.

 Shouting in the town facing fertile ocean might be so exciting for the human beings, particularly after the good performance or solid hours in private.
This is the northern end of Akkeshi Oh-hashi in the night.
The lighting -up for the bridge hitthe nail in the head, Ithought.
The stuffed Emperor Penguin was at the entrance of the hotel we stayed. The bird with black tie seemed to have completed his or her life  at the east end of Hokkaido Island.

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