Oyster Cultivation in Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido !

by Kazu

The oysters on the left hand side are not the baby oysters. They are very similar to those picked up from Malpeque Bay, PEI, Canada.
It is not manipulated nor the product of CG.
Can you imagine the size of the gigantic oyster below ? Approximately it is thirty cm long with 10 cm width. The thickness is also 10 cm.
The gigantic oyster had grown in Akkeshi Bay naturally. I am not sure the longevity of oysters but the Professor in the Oyster Cultivation Center in Akkeshi Town estimated that it had lived for, at least, 25 years.  
This tank is for raising phytoplankton to feed the baby oysters in the facility. Ample oxygen should be sent in the tank and the more the phytoplankton increases, the darker the color of the liquid becomes.
The LED light bulbs are for raising the phytoplankton. The plankton can be used for raising other kinds of aquatic creatures for the market.
Baby oysters are in this barrel. They should be exposed to enough oxygen. The shower is for the breathing of baby oysters/

 After drafting in the salt water, the baby oysters need to stick to the hard materials to fix themselves up.
In the way of "Single Seed" each baby oyster stick to the small particle of scallop or oyster shell.

To be continued.