Akkeshi Town ③ ! Oyster Dinner !

by Kazu

We really enjoyed the night in Akkeshi Town.
The party got started at "Sakuratei"that was not on the web page of the municipality of Akkeshi. The structure was like Japanese Sushi Bar. As you may know, "Sakura" means cherry in Japanese.    
This is the display of the restaurant. The net implicated that all the materials were directly from the ocean the town facing. Yes, all of them were sushi-grade fresh and incredibly tasteful.
Can you believe that all of these displays, even the oysters, but other than the bowls and dishes,   were made of wax ?    
 This is "Tempura-Donburi" called "Ten-Don" that is the rice bowl topped with fried seafood , veggies and mushroom. Tasteful soy-sauce based liquid was sprinkled. Pickled veggies accompanied with them.
This is separate type.  The fried materials were separated from the rice bowl. Fermented soy-beans paste Miso soup should accompany.
 Fried Shrimp combo is very popular but the mixed fry combo seems more popular.
The displays of culinary delights stimulated our stomach and appetite so much before dinner.
These are not the imitation made with wax. These are real culinary delicacy. Fresh and tasteful oyster sushi is on the left. Fresh sushi- grade oyster flavored with rice vinegar and soy sauce is on the right.  
Of course, miso soup contains oyster  
What do you think this dish is called ? I think "Tamago-toji of Oyster"is the appropriate name of this dish. Half-baked egg that contains oyster with special sauce were so nice to have at the end of the course.

To be continued;)

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