"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ⑦ !

by Chis.

It might be tough to be under the sun in mid summer but the wind on the Lake Akan was so comfortable for us after bathing beside the lake.
This resort group is so popular that it may be difficult to reserve rooms in high season. The price of the stay is comparatively expensive but for the quality time in the resort surrounded by the nature of deep in Hokkaido, the tourists willingly pay the price.
The peak of Mt. Akan Fuji started to be covered with clouds.
This is the original building of TSURUGA Resort. Even the successful hotel group experienced tough time while bulk tourism was the main stream in Hokkaido.
The hoteliers were beaten so much by the travel agencies inside and outside of Hokkaido in that era. The not healthy low price and the minimum service spoiled the image of the tourism in Hokkaido.  
Private individual tours are in now even for the tourists from Southeast Asia. The price should not be beaten. The cutting edge of Hokkaido tourism is not the low price. Quality time, quality service, quality food with heartfelt hospitality are to be provided in Hokkaido.
The fusion of the art created by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu and the contemporary twist may give us the new phase of the tourism in Hokkaido. The bona fide, I mean genuine products born in the sincere efforts, can move the heart of visitors from other part on this globe.
It must difficult to preserve the culture and philosophy of a certain tribe as they were but at least, we should respect the history of them even if there were many conflicts among the tribes, I think

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